Here are the answers to the questions that are frequently asked in our player community. If you can't find the answer you want, please don't hesitate to contact us below.


If I'm playing with my friends, how do we easily switch rooms together?

If you are already in the same room, you may use "Portal" to switch between different rooms or even travel to rooms in other worlds. Each portal is unique and corresponds to only one room ID. We suggest to avoid having multiple players place more than one portal that leads to the same world as you and your friends may be randomly sent to different rooms.

Someone's audio is bothering me. How do I mute them?

You can tap on the Avatar or Photo of the player. Tap "Mute", and you will no longer hear their voice in the room, but other players can still hear them as normal. If you think this player is annoying the room, you may ask the room master to mute their mic, so this player will be muted for everyone in the room unless it is enabled again by the room master.

How do I enter a world again?

If you ever stumble across a world you like, you can tap the Favorite button, so that next time you can go to Favorites on the Home page to quickly access and reenter it. We encourage you to Like the world if you enjoy it, and the creator will receive your support.

Does the Room Master have any privileges? How do I become the Room Master?

For Non-Public Rooms, the creator becomes the Master by default. If the Master leaves the room, the next available player who entered the room earliest becomes the Master. The Master has permission to manage the room and is able to view the details of any players in the room by tapping on their Photo or Avatar.

How to change my Avatar?

Open the "Avatar" tab then you may change to another Avatar by tapping the "Use" button.

How to get more Avatars?

You can get more Avatars along your journey in the game.

  • Join and subscribe to our Discord channel for a special registration Avatar award now. We may release more official events in the future, so stay tuned!
  • In the "Random Store" section, we will recommend you 6 Avatars from our creative community each day, and you may get the one you like and add it to your Avatar collections.
  • You may clone Avatars from other players in the world!
  • With our Avatar SDK, you can either create or upload the Avatar you purchased from a 3rd-party 3D asset platform.

Can I customize an Avatar created by other players?

If you have permission to modify the Avatar and the original model files from the creator, you can customize and upload them to ParaSpace via our Avatar SDK. We recommend you credit the creator all the time because we cheer for originality and creativity! We also suggest you double-check with the author whether the modified Avatar can be cloned by others before uploading it to ParaSpace.

I met some cool people, and how can I be friends with them?

Congratulations on being ready to make some friends in ParaSpace! If you are in the room, you can tap on the Avatar you want to be friends with and tap "Add friend." Once you are friends, you both can "invite" and "join" each other! When your friend is in a world, you can tap "Join me" via the friend list on the social tab to quickly meet them or "Ask to join" to request an invitation if they are in an invite-only room.

I want to get involved more! Where does the community reside when they aren't in the app?

It's exciting to hear that you are interested in getting involved more! Most people in our community usually hang out on our Discord server. We also have a growing Facebook group, Twitter page, and YouTube channel.

Sometimes I don't want to let my friends know which world I am in. What should I do?

You can go to the Me page to set your status and customize your signature. (Coming Soon)

There are 3 statuses available: Online, Hide, and Do Not Disturb.

  • Online: Your location will be public
  • Hide: The world you are in will be hidden.
  • Do not Disturb: Turn off all reminders and notifications from your world.

Your status will appear as "Offline" if you're not connected to ParaSpace.

What should I do if there is someone I find annoying and don't want to play with?

You can resolve this in 2 ways.

  • You can Block the player. Once blocked, you will no longer receive any message from that player, and that player cannot clone your Avatar or interact with you.
  • You can report the player if the player violates the rules. Please provide the reason for the report and any evidence you may have. Once verified, the player will either receive a warning or be suspended from logging in for a period of time.

What should I do if I encounter an Avatar with a frightening appearance?

You can tap the Avatar, then tap "Block Avatar." Once blocked, you will no longer see this Avatar, no matter where you are. It should be noted that creators tend to update their Avatars very often. If you want to know whether there is an update for this blocked Avatar, you can go to Me - Settings and Privacy - Blocked Avatars to view the details and unblock it here.

Do I need to be an expert in game development to be able to create content?

Simply follow our official guide, and you can kick off our Avatar and World SDKs and start creating stuff without knowing how to code. If you aim to make complex logic or Avatar models, you may need to spend some extra time learning the fundamentals of Lua and 3D modeling. Do not hesitate to reach out to our Discord community for helps! You may also check our wiki page to learn more.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! We'd like to hear your voice!

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